Importance of a Strong Foundation
        Here at Beyond Measure, we are dedicated to helping students achieve a high level of musicianship and proficiency on their instrument.  While we do help students prepare for performance and short-term goals, it is important that our students make consistent progress and focus on long-term goals.

        We believe that these fundamentals should be reinforced so that students can continue to improve themselves even after they stop taking lessons.
        That is why we go to great lengths to help students see what is beyond the music in front of them: Beyond the Measure.
        It is too often that experienced performers lack fundamental technique on their instrument.  While these performers are experienced, they hit a plateau and are unable to progress because of lack of proper technique; perhaps because their teachers focused on perfecting a few select audition pieces as opposed to emphasizing the importance of good technique and musicianship. We take an approach that will reinforce the fundamentals and have lasting effects on our students.

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Providing private music lessons to students of all ages and abilities. Currently offering private voice, piano, guitar, saxophone and clarinet lessons.