Benefits of Music

“Music has the ability to facilitate language acquisition, reading readiness, and general intellectual development; to foster positive attitudes and lower truancy in middle and high school; to enhance creativity; and to promote social development, personality adjustment, and self-worth.

Studies have found that music participants are elected to class offices more often, are more likely to receive academic honors, and tend to achieve higher grades than students who do not participate in musical activities. Music students gain a sense of discipline, self-esteem, and pride of accomplishment, and they learn to excel in teamwork, problem solving, leadership, and creative thinking.

Motor skills that are developed by playing a musical instrument transfer to writing skills. Memory training, listening, recall, and concentration are all skills developed in music study–skills that directly transfer to academic areas. Listening to music temporarily enhances spatial skills. Students who studied music improved in math much more than students who did not study music.

The study of music develops an overall discipline of mind that transfers to other subjects. Music education contributes to the quality of education overall and fosters critical thinking skills. It builds values that connect children to themselves and to their cultures. It produces citizens and workers who are comfortable using many different symbol systems: verbal, mathematical, visual, and auditory.”

–Norman M. Weinberger, “The Music in Our Minds,” Educational Leadership, Vol. 56, No. 3, November 1998.

            There are countless studies on how music benefits students of all ages, but lets not forget about the direct benefits of making music. Music in and of itself can be a great source of joy and satisfaction in an individual’s life.  In fact, young music students enjoy it so much, that they are frequently found in band rooms and choir rooms during their free time.  

            The sound of a well-tuned chord is invigorating.  The physical sensation of producing a beautiful singing tone is tremendously satisfying.  An artful and beautifully phrased section in a piece of music has the potential to bring peace to the soul and tears to the eyes. Quality music is meaningful and it will help add depth to an individual’s life.

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