All Ages

Children have an enthusiasm that is difficult to find in adults.  It’s almost a magical quality that makes them sing from their heart and play from their soul without restraint.  Our goal is to help them use that magic and apply it to all types of music that they sing and play.  We also hope to instill essential musicianship skills and a deep sense of music appreciation at this young age that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. For this age group, Beyond Measure provides comprehensive music education within private lessons.
The teenage years are a time to explore various talents and abilities.  This is the age when mature talent can truly begin to shine. It is the most important time to set the foundation of sound vocal or instrumental technique.  This foundation will help them attain whatever it is they want to do with music when they become adults. Whether they want to study music at the university level, perform in community theatres or church choirs, or simply sing for recreation, private lessons will allow them to be prepared when opportunities present themselves.  Our goal is to help prepare them musically and vocally for whatever it is they will want to do.
Adults often come back to music.  Why not?  Music is satisfying.  Our goal is to help adults develop their talent and use it as a form of expression; to rekindle that love of music they once had and give them the proper tools to perform confidently at a proficient level.
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Providing private music lessons to students of all ages and abilities. Currently offering private voice, piano, guitar, saxophone and clarinet lessons.